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920 Santa Maria Ave.
Laredo, Texas 78040.
United States

Kohler SAE-30

KOHLER SAE-30 universal oil provides instant lubrication while providing full protection at operating temperatures.

Extremely resistant to viscosity shearing.
Ensures maximum performance & extends engine life.
Exceeds API service rating SJ as well as MIL-2104E & MIL-L-46152, Mack E/O, K/X, Caterpillar TO-2, Cummins NTC400 and Allison C-4.
Designed for use in all Kohler engines.

Kohler Maintenance Kit

This is a Kohler maintenance kit for small engines. GENUINE KOHLER 1778902-S MAINTENANCE KIT COMMAND PRO CH395/CH440
INCLUDES: Air Filter 1708303-S Pre-Cleaner 1708315-S Spark Plug 1213202-S Oil, 20 oz. Bottle 2535722-S Fuel Treatment, 1 oz.

  Reciprocating Lubricants ChampLub
    Superior protection from a special blend
    that resists harsh environments
    High quality base stock, enhanced with
    carefully selected additives, reduces carbon build-up on valves
    Rust and oxidation inhibitors to resist thermal breakdown
    Compatible with common air system components
    Non-toxic and non-hazardous
    Free oil analysis program